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When a location as remote as Albion, Idaho is chosen for a prestigious Ghost adventures investigation, you know it must be worth traveling for. With disembodied voices and apparitions collected by the crew, this haunted campus in Idaho leads one to believe the voices never really stopped. Today we explore the Albion Normal School campus in Albion, Idaho. 

Established by the Idaho state legislature in 1893, the Albion Normal School was one of the first teaching colleges west of the Mississippi. A normal school is specifically designed to teach the “norms” of classroom etiquette and teaching. In 1947, the name was changed to the Southern Idaho College of Education. The short lived school was finally closed, officially, in 1951. Decades later, in the 1980s, the buildings on the campus would be designated National Historic Landmarks, saving them from destruction and demolition. 

Today, most of the buildings on campus are empty and being reclaimed by the earth with vines and ivy crisscrossing the brick facades. Part of the campus has been renovated into a family or business retreat, with 15 bedrooms and on-site activities. Every halloween, the campus transforms into one of the largest haunted house productions in the region, with actors and spooky set decoration to scare the daylights out of would be guests. But the rumor is that the whole place is a lot more scary on any given night, with dozens of reports of paranormal activity. 

While the specific causes of the activity are unknown, all that is known is that they are plentiful. Smells and sounds are felt and heard all over the location, with one report saying that baking bread was smelled in a kitchen that had been abandoned for decades. Others hear voices and rushing footsteps around them when they are in one of the abandoned buildings on location. Many even report seeing shadow people, or quick glimpses from the side of their eyeline of ghostly, dark figures. One employee had even reported being shoved against the wall by an unseen force, releasing him after a few seconds. 

Whether you intend to visit during the haunting season and see the haunted house in its halloween decor, or one a normal, quiet night- the Albion Normal School has frights to share and haunts to spare. 

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