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Once called the “Grand Hotel of the West,” this luxurious hotel may be hiding a darker secret. Spirits might be wandering the golden halls with opulent chandeliers and reminding guests that some people never check out of the Pfister Hotel in Wisconsin. Today on Ghost to Coast, let’s explore the history and hauntings of a historic hotel with very loyal baseball fan ghosts.  

Built in 1893, the visionary of the hotel was Guido Pfister. Unfortunately, he would pass away before his dream hotel could be finished, but his son stepped in immediately after and continued his father’s work, opening the Pfister a few months after his father’s death. A young man who was considered the first Caucasion boy born in Wisconsin, Charles Milwakee Siyver, claimed to have lived on the land that now houses the hotel in a log cabin years before the construction began. He claimed the hotel was built on a private burial ground and that skeletons were uncovered during the construction. That’s certainly one way to ensure your hotel will be haunted. 

The Pfister has welcomed every U.S. president since William McKinley as guests under their roof. Famous names such as Elvis Presley and many, many famous baseball players as they traveled to play against the Milwaukee Brewers. Even the baseball stars had their own haunted experiences, with one pitcher for the cardinals posted on instagram that he had been “touched by the Pfister Ghost.” He had his worst day pitching and the Milwaukee fans felt the Pfister ghosts were helping them win. 

Some jokingly call the spirit of the first owner of the hotel, Mr Charles Pfister, the “spokes-ghost” of the hotel, owing to his frequent appearances in the lobby of the luxurious hotel. Those who have sighted Charles Pfister say he’s the friendliest ghost anyone could imagine, genuinely seeming to hope his guests enjoy their time in the Pfister hotel, just like he would have in life. He also appears to be a baseball fan, even from beyond the grave. 

In fact, many visiting team players who stay at the Pfister say they have experienced paranormal activity on the grounds, with an L.A. Dodger once claimed he only got 2 hours of sleep the night before a game because a ghost kept him awake, turning the lights and TV on and off and ripping his sheets from his bed in the middle of the night. How he even got the 2 hours of rest is a mystery. Unsurprisingly, the Brewers won their next game the day after. More baseball players have insisted on doubling up in rooms, out of fear of the paranormal. 

Reports at the Pfister range from disembodied voices, electronic malfunctions and even full-body apparitions throughout the floors of the historic hotel. Moving lights around the hotel mesmerize and horrify guests, and some have reported waking in the night to see a shadowy figure standing at the foot of their bed. Is it the friendly Pfister ghost making sure they were comfortable, or another, unnamed specter with more sinister intentions? 

With scratching on the walls, blinds opening by themselves overnight, and the terrifying sense of dread, it’s not surprising to know several guests have checked out early and sought a different hotel for the night, one where ghosts didn’t disrupt their sleep to help their favorite baseball team win. The Pfister is still a fixture in the culture of Milwalkee, and its ghosts are fiercely loyal to the Brewers, mirroring the entire town’s support for the hometown team. If you say, will the hauntings make you turn and hide in a Holiday Express? Only a visit to the haunted Pfister hotel and the ghosts that haunt it can say. 

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